Plano 1374 4-By Rack System 3700

Plano is one of the best brands in the tackle box market today, the 3700 series is no exception to the outstanding quality this brand is known for. Completely waterproof you can be assured anything you put in this box will not get wet or rust for years to come. Well unless you put it away wet…. everyone knows you should clean and dry your tools before you put them away.

With 4 slide out trays, storage on the top of the box and under the lid you will have enough storage for large quantity’s of lures and accessories. Give this tackle box a chance, there are many people out there that use this box for things other than fishing tackle, it is a great choice for many other storage applications.

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“I used this to store my X-Wing minature game pieces and it works great for that purpose. Bit pricey though.”

“Bigger than i thought but i love it”

“I bought this for my Star Wars X-Wing Miniature Game collection. I have every ship aside from the IG-2000 and it easily fits everything aside from a few odds and ends that I keep in a different Plano organizer. This includes the Rebel Transport and Tantive expansions.”

“I asked for this as a Christmas present. Although I do fish, I’m not using it for that – I’m using it as a sewing box. It works GREAT. The very top compartment (exterior of the lid) isn’t so great for sewing because the dividers are fixed and somewhat small, but under the lid I can put all my big clunky stuff like scissors, tomato, tape measure, etc. I put all my thread, zippers, buttons, fabric glue, patches, etc. in the drawers. If you go to the company website you can find EXACT dimensions for the all the compartments, which I did before asking for it. I can confirm that you can fit spools of thread in the drawers (both standard sizes, the regular and the slightly longer ones). One drawer will fit 30 spools of thread (possibly 32 if you aren’t picky), with the back half divided one well per spool and the front half (which can’t be divided quite that small) one well per three spools. You can easily see through the tops of the drawers to see what color you are looking for (or to see if you have a certain color before going to the store) instead of digging around, or to look for whatever you need. You can take all four drawers out and lay them on a table if necessary for certain projects and the lids of the drawers latch tightly (so if you knock one off the table your stuff won’t go flying). There were PLENTY of divider pieces and I use probably less than half filling up the box with sewing gear. Seeing as how this works so incredibly well for sewing I would suspect it would work great for a variety of arts and crafts.”


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