Fish Finders

It has been said that the fish finder device was invented in the late 1940’s in Japan, compared to what we have on the market today it was a very crude machine. Now that device was designed to “Find Fish” the original technology was more about finding submarines in the first world war.

If anything good came out of the war it was the rush to find new and innovative technologies that have been perfected over decades. These innovations have turned into products that are available to you and I to better our lives, but perhaps not so for the fish in which we are locating.

When you look into purchasing a depth finder, you are getting so much more than just a device that displays the current depth of the water in relation to your boat. The devices on the market today are so advanced in the 21st century, not only can they display the depth but they can also distinguish between fish, rocks, sticks, and even your own fishing line.

Some of the higher tier models also have the functionality of using GPS to track your location. This has been a fantastic innovation for the most part. There are plenty of upsides to this and a few downsides.

How could there be downsides? There is a hidden problem with the ability to track your location. The hundreds of fishing guides out there working for lodges and fishing resorts have lost business because of this. They take out a group of fisherman once and the entire route has been inputted into the GPS unit. For any outing after the fact the group of fishermen now have the ability to find themselves to and from the hot spots from the day before.

There is however an interesting piece of advice for those of you who would do that to your fishing guide. A fish-finding GPS unit does not have the unique knowledge of where all the reefs and rocks are located. So when you find yourself on top of a reef with no guide wondering what happened. You should tell yourself you get what you pay for.

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