Coleman Unisex Adult PVC Poncho Camo 

For inexpensive peace of mind, if you are heading out on the water and the weather looks great, we all know that can change really fast. Head out prepared with at least a Poncho tucked away in a compartment in the boat somewhere. Just in case you are out on the other end of the lake when it starts raining cats and dogs.

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“Not a cheap throw away poncho. Fits large – so you can wear a sweater/jacket combo underneath. I love this thing, keeps me 90% dry in the pouring rain when I’m out hunting or shooting on a rainy day. It’s large and open enough I can maneuver inside my pockets in the poncho. Be sure to let it dry out when you’re done and then fold it back up.

Edit: it’s been 2 years and i’m still using the same poncho, i’m not sure how other reviewers are tearing theirs so easily, mine has been used about 20x now. It’s just a poncho, don’t treat it like a jacket.”

“Just a nice backup to have in your truck”

“This is inexpensive and will be kept for emergencies. I don’t think it will wear well but will do the job.”

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