Clothing related to the sport of fishing can be similar to that of football or baseball fans, We see many sports-fishermen wearing their favorite brands on baseball caps, shirts, and even on pickup trucks and boats.

Putting novelty aside your choices when it comes to what clothing to bring on your next fishing adventure is pretty important. We all know that feeling when the sun is shining, outside temperatures are gorgeous, a light breeze flows across the water. Fast forward 20 minutes and the sky turns from bright blue to black, lightning shoots across the sky and thunder roars out in the distance.

You find yourself 20 miles from camp, holding your knees to your chest. Your swimming trunks are already soaked, your socks in your sandals are sopping wet and cold. The stinging feeling in your fingers drains your soul as you hunker down on the bottom of the boat to keep the spray from the waves ravaging the boat sides from entering your personal space.

It is then at that moment, you realize that you should have been prepared. You knew better but looked up at the sky before you left not remembering nor caring how fast the weather can change for the worst. All you wanted was to escape the everyday hustle of life and relax on the water.

So please remember my words of wisdom, be prepared for the worst. You don’t need to be wearing your rain gear when it is 100 degrees. Keep it in one of the many storage compartments you probably already have in your boat.

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