About us

Who are we? Consider us an experienced fishing guide service with 20 years of experience catering to the fishing community through private guided adventures in Northern Canada.

Our goal is to simplify your shopping experience, we recommend items to function well in most freshwater lakes in the USA and Canada with a basic layout designed to showcase a universal one-size-fits most applications solution to the thousands of choices we face in any brick and mortar store and even most online websites today.

We have taken all of the shopping around work and research and have completed it for you and best of all, in the comfort of your underwear you can be geared up for your next fishing adventure!

If you have a particular adventure planned and are just not sure on what to bring please contact us and we will help you along every step of the way free of charge.

Our referral links that direct our customers to Amazon’s wonderful shopping platform helps us create content and fund our website community when you purchase items on the Amazon platform via our links.

Help us grow and it is our goal to provide entertainment and a simple shopping experience for you for years to come.

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