Rubber Fishing Nets


Should you take just any ordinary net out on the water on your next fishing adventure? Take it from me, the size and style of your net makes a huge difference when not only landing the fish into the boat from the water but also trying to get the fish out of the net when you have it in your boat.

When using a traditional landing net it is made of a thin thread mesh that in most cases gets wrapped up in the fish. If you are fishing for Northern Pike for example, these fish have the habit of rolling around and snagging themselves leaving you trying to remove a single fish for an extended period of time.

By the time you have finished removing one fish from your net, 20 minutes have gone by and there is a dead fish on the bottom of your boat that is either too big or too small and there is a brand new blood stain on your brand new carpet.

If you are going to be landing your fish via net I would highly recommend using a rubberized mesh for your nets. These nets have proven themselves as the best choice for quick landings and survivability rate of your fish and that leaves you the customer satisfied.

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